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Stuart Kingston

07831 670338


In 1989 I started working in the water industry for Thames Water installing new water mains.

This later progressed into obtaining my NVQ in water distribution, service laying and main laying.

In 2004 I started working for a private contracter Chris Judd External Plumbing who retired in 2013.

I continued working with the company I own SK Plant Hire Ltd but is now being renamed to External Plumbing Services Ltd to reflect more of the current work being taken out by me.

This will include:

Water pipe repair or renewal due to leaks, old age, pressure loss and lead replacement.

Moling or trencheless technology,for the installation of water pipes, gas pipes or electric cables.






























Other than the general public,

I have continued work with:

The National Trust, Housing Solutions, Bucks Housing,

Radian Services, and various other

management agencies.